About… me! And this blog :)

Hey there! Welcome! I’m so glad you came to visit! This next little blurb is a little about me, this blog, and why it’s named the way it is…

My name’s Emily. I am a Canadian Prairies transplant to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I currently reside in Calgary, Canada (I can drive to Banff in about an hour, as a reference point for my international visitors ;P) with my husband and too-confident-for-his-own-good Scottish Terrier, Mozzie. And I am prepared to admit to y’all: food is a borderline obsession for me. No seriously. I love food. All aspects of food. I love shopping, preparing, cooking or baking, and most importantly: eating! This blog is my opportunity to celebrate all things food.

And with the love of food, this blog was born. Not only is my focus to celebrate food, but it is a chance for me to share food with all of you. I want you to love and cherish good food as much as I do. What is “good food”, you may ask? In mind, quite simply: it’s food that you enjoy. I have no compunction about my perception of good food being everything from steak to broccoli to cheese to Twinkies. And this blog if for me to spread that love. My hope is when you find some of the recipes on this blog, you find a new favourite food. And most importantly, I want to share how to prepare that new favourite food so that you are a champion of your domain (i.e. the kitchen) and can make that new favourite food with pride and confidence!

Now about the name of the blog…. You may be asking “Emily, what do you mean by ‘put the recipe first’? Is the recipe of the utmost importance? Do I consider the recipe as the be-all and end-all of food?” Oh heck no. The name is VERY literal.

For those who know me, this will not be a surprise, but for those of you I am just meeting, prepare yourself: rant time. One of my biggest pet peeves in food blogs is needing to scroll through an ENTIRE blog post just to get to the GD recipe. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t want to read the story or find out more about someone’s beloved or diligently created recipe. In fact, I love learning more about the “why” behind people’s recipes and food. Not to mention the food porn… I mean, photos… that come in the body of the story. BUT. Before I get there, I want to check in on the recipe to see if I have all the ingredients, the perceived difficulty, and equipment needed. And I want that at the top. AT THE TOP GD IT. BEFORE all the other content!!! Otherwise, I end up in the same freaking story of starting with a recipe… and then the page crashes. IN THE MIDDLE OF COOKING. At a critical moment of preparation when I need the information RIGHT NOW. And then I need to wait for the ENTIRE story/photos/ads/videos/links/invitation to subcribe/whatever the heck else is on there to reload before I get back to the pertinent information. Enter a trash mouth, banging pots and an elevated blood pressure. Why, WHY can’t we PUT. THE. RECIPE. FIRST?????

My challenge to myself and commitment to you will be leave the story off, and to bring the recipe to the top. Fret not foodie friends who want additional information! I will likely blather on after the recipe about the food we are about to prepare, give some hints, tips or tricks, and add lots of photos. But for you dear friends, I will always strive to put the recipe first.

Happy eating.